So why a spoonie way of life?

When deciding on a name for my blog I wanted something that encompass all my chronic illnesses but wasn’t only about that and A Spoonie way of life was born.

But what is a spoonie and how is it relevant to my life. The term spoonie is well known within the chronic illness community but what actually is a spoonie?

The term comes from Christine Miserandino’s Spoon theory which she used as a metaphor to describe how she felt about managing her energy and activities due to Lupus. The theory is a great representation of the struggles people with chronic illness have trying to do normal day to day activities with only a set amount of energy and is widely used within the chronic illness community and is a fantastic way to describe to those without chronic illnesses how you have to plan a head when living with a chronic illness. So simply a spoonie is simply someone who has to manage their energy due to chronic illness. So for me my endometriosis, Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and Hypermobility spectrum disorder all fall into the spoon theory analogy hence I class myself as a spoonie.

So what actually is spoon theory? In short you start the day with 12 spoons which represent your energy and each time you do an activity you take spoons away.

For example if like me last night you managed very little sleep you automatically take a spoon away before even getting out of bed. You also take one spoon away automatically if you forgot to take your meds or skipped a meal and if you are sick on top of your chronic illnesses you take away four spoons.

The activity vales are broken down as following –

One spoon – getting out of bed, getting dressed, taking your meds and watching tv.

Two spoons – bathe, style hair, surf the Internet and study or read.

Three Spoons – make and eat a meal, make plans and socialise, light housework and drive somewhere.

Four spoons – go to work / school, go to the doctors, exercise and go shopping.

You are able to borrow spoons from the next day but the only way to replenish them is by rest.

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