Welcome to Living a spoonie life

I guess the first thing I should do is explain a little about myself so here goes. I’m Naomi a 30 something attempting to live as normal a life as possible despite multiple chronic illnesses which mean I battle chronic fatigue and chronic pain in some form everyday.

While I don’t want to dwell on or focus to much on my illnesses as they don’t define me as a person, I feel its important to talk about them as they are major aspects of my life.

Endometriosis was my first chronic illness diagnosis back in 2018 after over 10 years of suffering! Then came my Fibromyalgia / chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis in 2019 and my most recent diagnosis was hypermobility spectrum disorder which came in 2020. All three have pain and fatigue / chronic fatigue as some of their main symptoms which means unfortunately there isn’t any time I am not in pain or working with a limited amount of energy! The latter is where the name Living a spoonie life comes from but I there will be more on that in my next post.

Right now that’s out the way a little more about me. I am a self confessed crazy cat lady (I have three black rescue cat) who has a love of rugby, travelling, baking, films, comedy and crafting.
I wanted to start a blog to show what life with chronic illnesses is really like and how despite them having a major impact on my life with a few little changes and plenty of life hacks I can still do pretty much all the things I could do pre chronic illnesses.

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